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Latest RAID Experiment – VirtualBox and FreeNAS (8 TB RAID 5)

When we last left off, I found Christmas joy in a big honking bag of hard drives and an external SATA enclosure.  But my joy was not complete without a measure of redundancy and recoverability. The controller that shipped with the enclosure did not support RAID 5 in firmware and the embedded controller on my […]


SSDs: Geeky Goodness and the Holy Grail

I was reading Heather Clancy’s blog over on ZDNet, where she asks “Will 2011 bring an enterprise SSD adoption breakthrough?” I hope so.  It would be one step closer to my personal Holy Grail (insert gratuitous Monty Python reference here). I yearn for the day when all storage, temporary (ie: RAM) and persistent (ie: disk), […]

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Holy Smokes! 7 TB RAID-5 for less than $1000 (not quite… read comments)

OK, I’m a geek.  What did I decide to get myself for Christmas?  A big ole honking bunch of storage.  Nothing says happiness like a shopping bag filled with hard drives. Yes, I’m the same guy where the highlight of a recent Friday night was shopping for an Android tablet at Kmart.  This shouldn’t come […]